Our Process

We’re a family owned small business, so we believe in the importance of the family to our society and the importance of small businesses to our economy.  Helping others protect what matters most to them is our passion.

More than just “selling an insurance policy”

We help people protect what matters most to them.  For each person, that may mean something different.  For one person, that may be their Home, for the next it may be their business.  We take an individual approach to find out what that “most important thing” is and then tailor a plan of protection to meet that need.

We help people plan for an uncertain future.  We never know when the next storm is going to hit, when the next fire is going to happen, when the next time a fender-bender is going to take place, or the next time a loved one is going to pass away unexpectedly, but we can help you put a plan of protection in place.

We get to help people on some of their worst days.  After an accident, a fire, or a storm, we’re usually the first or second phone call people make.  If we’ve done our job right, then we make that “worst day” a little bit easier. Our favorite thing to get to tell our clients is, “Don’t worry, you’re covered”, because at the end of the day, that is what insurance is all about.

Our History

Our History

Our Agency was started in 1981 by Roger Downs.  He built our Agency on a passion for helping people.  Out of that passion, he gathered a team of associates who shared that same vision.  Over the years the Agency grew and thousands of families, businesses, and individuals in West Alabama and beyond came to know Roger as their “insurance man”.

In 1998, Roger Downs’ son Stephen Baldo-Downs joined him and helped him continue to grow the Agency into what it is today.  Stephen took over in 2013 as Agency principal and continues the Agency’s long tradition of helping people protect what matters most to them.