Umbrella Insurance in Alabama

Umbrella insurance refers to personal liability coverage that protects you when your auto, boat, or home insurance exceeds its limit. This allows you to get coverage for any property damage, injuries, or personal liability lawsuits that you encounter during your residence within Tuscaloosa, AL. Below, Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC discusses areas that umbrella insurance covers and how it can benefit residents within Alabama.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability ensures that you get compensation when you damage another person’s property. If, for instance, you are found liable for causing damage to property such as vehicles or buildings during an accident, and your auto policy exceeds its limit, property damage liability will help you pay for the outstanding expenses. If your guest’s property is damaged during a visit to your house, umbrella coverage will also help with the costs if your home policy is not adequate.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability covers you when you cause injuries to another person. Various events could give rise to this, such as when you cause an auto or boat accident, your guests get injured in your home after a fall accident, or your pet harms your visitors. If you encounter any of these and your primary covers get exhausted, your umbrella policy will pay for any X-ray fees, consultation expenses, and prescription fees as needed.

Rental Unit Claims

Umbrella insurance will also come in handy in paying for any liability claims you face as a landlord. These could be injuries that your tenants or visitors get from pet bites or faulty structures in your rental units.

General Claims

Other claims that umbrella insurance can help you cover include slander, libel, and malicious prosecution. False arrest, detention, and mental anguish also fall under this list, with these claims often not covered by primary policies such as auto, home, and boat insurance.

If you reside within Tuscaloosa, AL, and need protection from any of the above incidences, consider giving Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC a call today. Our Alabama agents will customize your policy to suit your specific needs.