Condo Insurance in Alabama

Own a condo in Tuscaloosa, AL? Most condo unit owners think they don't need coverage since the condominium owner's association (COA) provides a master insurance policy. In most cases, in Alabama, the COA policy is primary when it comes to damages to the exterior of the building and typically will provide coverage for the interior of your unit, however, they do not cover your personal property, they do not provide you with additional living expenses, they certainly do not provide you with personal liability protection, and there are situations where the damages to the interior of your unit are not covered. For these reasons, we feel like every condo unit owner should carry their own Condo insurance policy. Read on for more information regarding Condo insurance coverage.  Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC can help educate you on the right coverage for your condo unit.

What does condo insurance cover in Alabama?

Condos are unique, so there are specialized policies designed to cover the specific needs of condo unit owners:

  • Personal Property: This provides you with protection for your furniture, clothing, electronics, etc.
  • Interior of the condo: If your COA doesn’t fully cover the damages to the interior of your condo or they determine that there isn't any coverage under the master policy, your Condo insurance policy can help cover the costs to rebuild the interior of your unit.
  • Personal liability: When an incident occurs at a condo, there are always several parties involved. You want to be sure you have the proper protection in place to help protect against someone getting injured in your unit or any damages to others units that originate from your unit.
  • Loss of use: When a covered peril (like fire) makes your dwelling uninhabitable, condo insurance pays for additional living expenses until your condo becomes habitable again. The costs covered can include transportation, laundry, food, accommodation, and other expenses listed in your policy.

Since all policies aren’t created the same, it’s essential to contact Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC to design a personalized policy for you. Contact us today, or visit our Tuscaloosa, AL offices to start the conversation.