Home Insurance in Alabama

Buying and insuring a home in Tuscaloosa, AL or anywhere else will likely be one of the biggest investments in your life, and you will likely go through that process several times in your lifetime. Your home will typically be one of your most valuable assets, so having the proper protection in place in extremely important. At Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC, we take the time to educate our clients about the details of Home insurance.  We let you know which coverage options are available and which best meet your needs. Below you will find a brief description of Home insurance coverage options that residents within Alabama can consider.

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage keeps the structure of your home protected when perils such as fire, hail, lightning, or windstorm cause damage to your property.  It provides coverage for repairs or replacement to your damaged property.  It makes sure you have the money needed to pay to have your home repaired or built back in the event of a major loss.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage provides protection if you are accused of causing injury or property damage to a third party. It provides a legal defense in the event a lawsuit is brought against you from an injury or property damage claim.

Contents Coverage

Contents coverage provides protection for your personal property, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, etc.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

If a covered loss or claim leaves your home uninhabitable, additional living expenses coverage kicks in to pay for additional costs you may incur from living outside of your home, such as temporary living expenses.

If you want peace of mind knowing your Tuscaloosa, AL property is covered properly, Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC is the partner you need. Call our Alabama agents today to discuss the home insurance coverage you need.