Things that home insurance won’t cover

You get home insurance to protect your home. You may think you are completely safe, but the truth is, home insurance doesn’t cover everything that can happen to your home. Homeowners in Tuscaloosa, AL can count on Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC to give them the advice they need to make an educated decision regarding home coinsurance overage. Independent insurance agents work for their customers, not for one insurance company, and they have many carriers for you to choose from. 

Things that home insurance won’t cover

Earth movement

Earth movement is exactly what it sounds like. The earth moves, and it damages your home. This includes things like earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes. Your traditional home insurance policy will not cover damage from these events. However, you can purchase an endorsement or a totally separate policy to protect yourself if you live in an area where these hazards are a potential problem. 


Floods are a serious hazard in many parts of the country, and your home insurance will not cover flooding that results from surface water. This includes bodies of water that overrun their banks and tidal flooding. If, however, you have a busted pipe in your home, this is included with your home insurance policy.   

Owner neglect

Many different things can be considered owner neglect. If your home suffers termite damage, insurance doesn’t pay for that. You, as a homeowner, should have your home treated for termites. If your old roof leaks and damages your ceilings and home, it’s on you. You need to replace your old roof before it does damage. If, however, a hurricane blows off your roof and you suffer damage, that should be covered. You can’t control the wind and rain. 

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