Whole Life Insurance: A Long-Term Investment for Your Family’s Security

Here at Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC, we want to help you and your family get the whole life assurance you need to feel secure. We help those in Tuscaloosa, AL and across the state learn about their insurance options and make decisions accordingly.

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is exactly what it sounds like. These policies are also known as permanent life insurance; thus, they offer coverage throughout a person’s life. Their coverage remains unless they lapse in making payments. Most people are more familiar with term life insurance, which offers some similar benefits but only does so for a set amount of time. Whole life insurance has no term limit, so you never have to worry about getting a new policy. Whole life insurance functions by correlating premiums with a determined level of death benefits that would go to your beneficiaries. It’s a great way to make sure living family members are taken care of if the worst-case scenario happens.

Why Do People Choose Whole Life Insurance?

There are many reasons that people may choose whole life insurance over fixed-term policies. While not everyone will determine that this type of insurance plan will benefit them, many think that whole life insurance is worth the investment.

Some advantages include:

  • Premiums that don’t change based on market conditions.
  • The ability to use funds to take out a loan.
  • A guaranteed death benefit for those who make payments.

Some plans may be a little different, but most have similar structures, so people who sign up for these plans are very clear on what to expect from their plans, which adds another level of security.

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Riders and Add-Ons in Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance policies are designed to provide financial protection for policyholders and their loved ones. To further customize and enhance coverage, insurance companies offer riders and add-ons that can be added to the base policy in and around the Tuscaloosa, AL area. 

Protection Against Major Health Events

Critical illness riders are designed to provide a lump-sum payment if the policyholder is diagnosed with a covered critical illness, such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke. This rider can help alleviate the financial burden of medical treatments, expenses, and lifestyle adjustments during a critical illness. It offers additional support beyond the death benefit and allows policyholders to address their immediate financial needs while focusing on recovery.

Income Protection During Disability

Disability income riders provide income replacement if the policyholder becomes disabled and cannot work. This rider ensures a steady stream of income to cover living expenses, mortgage payments, and other financial obligations during the disability period. 

Accessing Policy Benefits in Life

Accelerated death benefit riders allow policyholders to access a portion of the death benefit. At the same time, they are still alive if they are diagnosed with a terminal illness. This rider provides a lump-sum payment that can be used to cover medical expenses, long-term care costs, or other financial needs during the policyholder’s lifetime. 

Tailoring Coverage to Specific Needs

Riders and add-ons in life insurance policies allow policyholders to customize coverage according to their unique circumstances and requirements. Individuals can enhance their policy by selecting the appropriate riders to address specific concerns or potential risks that may impact their financial well-being. 

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How do I know if Whole Life Insurance is for me?

When choosing the right life insurance, you must first consider which type is best for your needs.  One of those types is whole life insurance.  Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that provides coverage for your entire life as long as the premium amounts are paid.  Whole life insurance accrues a cash value when a portion of your premiums are invested. 

Our insurance advisors at Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC serving Tuscaloosa, AL could work with you in figuring out if this policy is right for you.

Examine your situation right now

When first deciding if a whole life policy is for me, you must look at your situation right now.  Whole life insurance may be more expensive than term life insurance, but it does last your entire life.  You may be a parent with a disabled child and want the security of knowing that he or she will receive the death benefit as long as you meet the premiums.  You might want to consider the state of your health and your age.  Would term life insurance be enough if you’re not in the best health or if you’re older?

You Need a Cash Value Life Insurance Policy

You may be trying to save for retirement.  In that case, whole life insurance does come with a cash value feature that does grow throughout your policy.  However, financial advisors do recommend turning to 401Ks or individual retirement accounts (IRAs) when saving for retirement.  But if you maxed out your contributions, your whole life insurance can be redeemed.

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Will life insurance pay for my burial?

Many people invest in life insurance to help their family members pay burial costs and to help with other living expenses. However, life insurance can be used to provide money for a wide variety of different expenses. Typically, a life insurance policy will list a beneficiary to receive the cash benefit without having to go through probate. The beneficiary can make burial plans after the policyholder has died.

Our team at Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC knows that Tuscaloosa, AL residents may have questions regarding how to use their life insurance policy to pay for a burial. We are here to assist you with this important insurance coverage.

How Does Life Insurance Cover Burial Costs?

The policyholder lists a beneficiary to receive a cash benefit after they pass away. This cash benefit can be applied to burial costs. The beneficiary typically takes the life insurance policy to a funeral home and the funeral home fills out the paperwork. The funds are then applied to the bt cover the burial costs. However, the cash benefit may or may not cover the full burial cost. Anything that’s not covered by the life insurance company will be the responsibility of the beneficiary or their family. The funeral home will claim the benefit on behalf of the beneficiary and apply it to the funeral/burial costs. 


A life insurance benefit is paid to a beneficiary. This means that the beneficiary can use the funds however they see fit. There’s no automatic guarantee that the beneficiary will use those funds to pay for a burial. The beneficiary could use the funds to pay for other expenses. The sole choice in deciding how the funds are spent is left to the beneficiary’s discretion. The beneficiary receives the funds from a life insurance policy shortly after the policyholder has passed away.

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