Required Auto Insurance in Alabama

When you own a vehicle in Alabama, you are required to have auto insurance on it. You need a policy that at least covers the minimums that are required by law.

However, that isn’t much coverage when it comes to serious accidents. It’s usually best to get more coverage than is required. It’s also recommended that you get extra types of coverage than the ones that are required. When you need auto insurance in Alabama, call us at Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC in Tuscaloosa, AL to find out more. 

Liability Coverage in Alabama

It is required to have two types of liability coverage for your vehicle in Alabama. There are three amounts of this coverage that you’re required to have. One of these is an amount of bodily injury liability coverage that pays for one injured person.

Then, there is another amount of bodily injury liability required that’s for everyone who is injured. It’s also required to have an amount for property damage liability. All of these coverage types pay for another party’s expenses when the accident was your fault. However, none of it pays for your own expenses. 

Other Coverage

It’s a good idea to add coverage to your policy that will pay for your own damages after an accident. If you get collision insurance coverage, this will pay for your vehicle’s damages after an accident that was your fault. For even better protection, you can also get comprehensive coverage. This is another type of auto coverage that pays for damage done to your vehicle when it isn’t being driven. Many things can happen to a vehicle, and this is a smart type of coverage. 

Get Auto Insurance

If you don’t have your Alabama auto insurance yet, it’s time to get your policy. Call us at Baldo-Downs Insurance LLC in Tuscaloosa, AL.